Product Image Kirstin Ash - SOLID Gold Oval Letters (A-Z)

Kirstin Ash - SOLID Gold Oval Letters (A-Z) $150.00

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Solid Bespoke is the latest addition to our popular Bespoke Collection.

Created with solid 14k gold & rose gold. Delicate chains and initials can be layered with a selection of precious metal charms set with tiny diamonds and pearls.

A heirloom keepsake for every day.

Solid 14k gold.

Please note: The hue/colour of the Solid 14k gold designs differs slightly compared to the 18k gold vermeil designs. Please keep this in mind if you are matching items from both collections. We recommend creating a necklace with just one metal type. For example create your gold Bespoke necklace with 14k gold OR 18k vermeil rather than mixing the two together due to the colour variation. This doesn't apply to rose gold or sterling.